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SAE "X" Series
I started out intending only to collect the "X" series gear that had the optional black face plate instead of grey, but the "X" line eventually became my favorite and so I have concentrated on tracking down the uncommon components.


SAE R-2 Rack w/ SR-7 (4 space) & SR-10 (6 space) Stack Rack Extensions

  1. SAE 7000 Headphones (two pairs)

  2. SAE 4200 Speaker/Headphone Switching System

  3. SAE BP-3 Filler Panel

  4. SAE X-10A Amplifier w/ On/Off switch

  5. SAE X-10A Amplifier

  6. SAE X-10A Amplifier

  7. SAE X-15A Amplifier

  8. SAE 4100 Time Delay Ambiance System

  9. SAE 5000 Impulse Noise Reduction System w/ late version rack mount face plate

  10. SAE 4501 Passive Phase Inverter System

  11. SAE 4301 Forced Air Cooling System

  12. SAE X-15A Amplifier w/ On/Off switch

  13. SAE X-25A Amplifier

  14. SAE X-25A Amplifier

  15. SAE X-25A Amplifier in A501 case




























SAE R-1 Rack 

1. On top of rack - (2) X-1PS Power Supply                
2. On top of rack - California Audio Labs Tercet Mark III CD Player
3. On top of rack - SAE R201 Prototype Receiver             

Mounted in rack

  1. SAE X-BP-1 Filler Panel

  2. SAE X-1P Preamplifier

  3. SAE X-T101 Tuner

  4. SAE X-BP-2 Filler Panel

  5. SAE X-15A Amplifier w/ On/Off Switch

  6. SAE X-10A Amplifier

  7. SAE X-15A Amplifier

  8. SAE X-15A Amplifier

  9. SAE X-25A Amplifier


















You will notice on "X" series components that you will see various shades of grey anodizing. This was a constant quality control issue as the shade was accomplished strictly by time of the aluminum in the acid bath.

This is the power cord tag for the "X" series

A T101 AM/FM Tuner with a silver/gray anodized face plate to match the "X" series amps and pre-amp thus making it an "X-T101".

This is an E101 Parametric Equalizer. It has a silver/gray anodized face plate to match the "X" series amps and pre-amp thus making it an "X-E101". This is EQ is owned by David of www.davidsaudio.com. Please go to his web site to see his collection. I am on the search for one of these for myself.

Here are some various  X10A and X15A amplifiers with an on/off switch. Due to European regulations enacted in the early 1980's, preamplifiers were not allowed to have the switched outlets with the higher amperage ratings required for amplifiers and therefore audio manufactures had to re-tool any amps that did not have on/off switches in order to export them to Europe. Some of these amps can be found stateside because Pacific Stereo also requested the option of on/off switches on the "X" and "01"units they sold or they were brought home by military personnel serving overseas .

Above are prototype "X" series amps. The X25 and X15 amps have gain controls like the P250 and the text was slightly modified from the "01" series amplifiers - mainly the M, N, R ,W and X.

Above are prototype "X" filler panels.

Above are prototype "X-43F" Forced Air Cooling Systems. These were based off the production 4301/F105 systems.

Above is a prototype "X-42S" Speaker Switching System. This is based off the production 4200 system.

Now here is where I had a little fun. I took a Monster Power AVS 2000 Voltage Stabilizing Conditioner and created a SAE X-44V Voltage Stabilizing System. It came out better than I imagined.